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EDT:The EDT Team

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These are the current members of the EDT team. Go to the project summary page to see the list of committers.

  • Tim Wilson, IBM (architect, project leader)
  • Brian Svihovec, IBM (chief programmer)
  • Justin Spadea, IBM(IDE core, debug)
  • Scott Greer, IBM (UI architecture, JavaScript generation)
  • Matt Heitz, IBM (builds, Java generation)
  • Jeff Douglas< IBM (core, Java generation, debug)
  • Kathy Carroll, IBM (language test framework)
  • Jing Qian, IBM (language test framework)
  • Joe Vincens, IBM (services)
  • Paul Harmon, IBM (core)
  • Ben Margolis, IBM (documentation)
  • Tony Chen, IBM (IDE)
  • Xiao Bin Chen, IBM(IDE)
  • Zhi Zhu, IBM (IDE)
  • Forest Huo, IBM (IDE)
  • Ji Yong Huang, IBM (JavaScript generation)
  • Lisa Lasher, IBM (project management)
  • Will Smythe, IBM (strategy consultant, web presence, webmaster)
  • Aaron Allsbrook, ClearBlade
  • John Trevisan, ClearBlade
  • Bart Van Campenhout, ASIST

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