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These projects demonstrate key functions of EDT 0.7.0.

Note: As suggested by the filenames, these samples are intended to work with EDT 0.7.0. Changes are likely to be needed to make them compatible with EDT 0.8.0. We will provided updated samples for EDT 0.8 closer to the release of that version.

EGL Dojo sample

This sample shows how to use each EGL Dojo widget.

Submitter: IBM

File: org.eclipse.edt.rui.dojo.samples_0.7.0.zip


Rich UI technical sample

This sample shows common Rich UI functionality such as calling a service, and application widgets such as InfoBus and History.

Submitter: IBM

File: org.eclipse.rui.samples_0.7.0.zip


Mortgage Application

The sample demonstrates EGL service, InfoBus, MVC, Google Map and Yahoo service call and other advanced widgets.

Submitter: IBM

File: org.eclipse.rui.samples.mortgage_0.7.0.zip