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EDT:Release Engineering

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Release Engineering for EDT

This page contains hints, tips, links, and instructions for the EDT project's release engineer.

Developing EDT

To be the release engineer, you have to know the EDT development process in addition to the build process.


The Bugzilla component for release engineering is EDTBuilds, though some people might report problems on the Website component. See EDT:How to be notified of EDT bugs.

General Information

The Eclipse Wiki is sometimes useful, and sometimes outdated or missing info you think it should may drive you insane.

The Eclipse sysadmins can be reached at They're very helpful. Before writing to them, check their FAQ at Webmaster_FAQ.


Our builds run in Eclipse's Hudson system. The build job is at

Once you log in, you can disable/enable nightly builds with the Disable/Enable Project button. Click the Configure link to edit the build schedule and many other parameters. One thing you must do is enter your email address in the Email Notification box at the bottom of the Config page. That way you'll know when builds fail.

The Archive

Space on the Eclipse download server is limited. Builds that we want to save, but are no longer current, need to be moved to the archive instead. Its URL is When you're logged in to, our archive can be found at /home/data/httpd/

When a build is moved from the regular download server to the archive, update the archive's webpage, which is /home/data/httpd/ Add a link to the new build.

Stuff below here needs to be written up...



Equinox p2 download stats Project Download Stats


what to do at the start of a milestone/release

what to do at the end of a milestone/release

org.eclipse.edt.releng plugin shell account

log in to the portal, Eclipse Projects box, choose 'view' next to tools.edt, click '[maintain]' to edit the project meta-data

log in to the portal, Eclipse Projects box, choose '[tools]' next to tools.edt, there are links for 'download stats', or to manage Bugzilla stuff use 'Bugzilla components, targets, versions' -- add milestones, releases, components, etc.

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