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EDT:IDE Test Server Regression Testing

The following test scenarios should be run each release.

Read the top section of the main test server wiki page to understand some basics.  

Tip: To kill the test server so that you can try another scenario, either click the red terminate button in the console, or use the Debug view to kill the process.

Dedicated services


REST services



The prompting preferences can be configured in Preferences > EGL > Test Server. Make sure to test each radio button with the below cases  

  • Classpath changes
    • Add or remove a jar or library to a project
    • Add or remove a project dependency on the Java build path
  • Hot code replace (HCR) failures 
    • Add or remove a global field
    • Change a function's signature
    • Don't worry about testing when HCR is unsupported by the JRE, this is extremely unlikely these days
    • Don't worry if you can't cause the "obsolete methods" failure

Other preferences

  • "Print debug messages in the console"
    • When disabled, the console is empty (or mostly empty) upon startup and you do not see tracing information during service invocation
    • When enabled, the console will have a ton of output on startup, and each service invocation will spit out a lot of tracing information.

Database access

TBD (include JNDI)

Deployment descriptors

TBD (include generated DD support)

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