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EDT:IDE Service

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Service IDE Functions

Function Area Function Sizing 0.7 1.0 Future
Service-related Wizards

Wizard for creating EGL Service Skeleton from WSDL

In Plan bug 353060

Wizard for creating EGL Client Interface from WSDL

In Plan bug 353061

Wizard for Creating EGL Service Binding from EGL

In Plan bug 353062

Wizard for Generating WSDL file from EGL

May be removed

Wizard for Creating Program Call Function

In Plan bug 353063

Wizard for Extracting EGL Interface from WSDL

In Plan bug 353064

Interface Creation Wizard 2d In Plan bug 352753Completed
Service Creation Wizard 4d In Plan bug 352754Completed
WSDL 2 Java conversion (wsimport) In Plan bug 353065
XML Schema 2 Java conversion (xjc) In Plan bug 353066
Java 2 EGL Conversion In Plan bug 353067
Service Preference Page

Service-related Preference Setting Pages
In Plan bug 353068

Notes on Service IDE Functions

  1. For service-related wizards, my estimations are based on the underlying services are ready, such as WSDL parser-related classes have been provided.
  2. Some wizards are dependent on the Deployment Descriptor Editor.

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