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*Debugger (Justin)  
*Debugger (Justin)  
**EGL Java framework to wrap around JDT (done)  
**EGL Java framework to wrap around JDT (done)  
**EGL JavaScript framework ({{bug|351854}})
**Step through statements  
**Step through statements  
***Most basic of function (free)  
***Most basic of function (free)  
***Step between EGL and Java (free)
***Decide how to filter runtimes that users won't want to step into ({{bug|346265}})  
***Decide how to filter runtimes that users won't want to step into ({{bug|346265}})  
***Run to line ({{bug|346256}})
**Set breakpoints  
**Set breakpoints  
***Line breakpoints (done)  
***Line breakpoints (done)  
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***Java ({{bug|351240}})
***Java ({{bug|351240}})
***JavaScript ({{bug|351241}})
***JavaScript ({{bug|351241}})
**Drop to frame  
***Build watch expressions from variables view
****Java ({{bug|351858}})
****JavaScript ({{bug|351859}})
**Drop to frame
***Java (free)
***Java (free)
***JavaScript ({{bug|351239}})
***JavaScript ({{bug|351239}})
**Run to line ({{bug|346256}})  
**Hover value ({{bug|351872}})
**Step between EGL and Java (free)
***Java ({{bug|351873}})
***JavaScript ({{bug|351874}})
*Tooling for creating / extending compilers
*Tooling for creating / extending compilers

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Functional breakdown of the EDT IDE

  • EGL Perspective (bug 346111) (done)
  • Views
  • Project Explorer
    • Convert to EGL project (done)
    • Organize imports (files) (bug 348392) (done)
    • Format (files) (bug 348392) (done)
    • Copy, Paste, Delete  (bug 348070) (done)
    • Refactoring (Move, Rename) (bug 348070)  (done)
    • Misc (Link with editor, Filters, etc.) (bug 346118) (done)
    • Hide folders (Do we want to hide certain folders?) (bug 351209)
  • Source Editor
    • Syntax highlighting (done)
    • Outline view (done)
    • Add import, Organize imports (done)
    • Open on selection (done)
    • Format (done)
    • Content Assist (bug 348207)(Tony Chen)
    • Create callback functions
    • Menu bar/editor pup-up menu actions (Fix context menus, Toggle comment, References, Declarations) (done)
    • Ruler actions (bug 350647)(Xiao Bin Chen)
      • Folding (Enable folding, Expand all, Collapse all)
      • Add task, Add bookmark
  • Wizards
    • EGL Project (done)
    • Data Table (started)
    • Interface, Service
    • Library, Program (started)
    • Package, Source File, Source Folder (done)
    • Record
    • WSDL 2 Java conversion (wsimport)
    • Xml Schema 2 Java Conversion (xjc)
    • Java 2 EGL conversion (bug 348119)
  • Preferences
    • Base (started)
    • Compiler/Generator (started) bug 346119
    • Editor (bug 348217) (done)
    • Templates (done)
      • Rewrite error handling for Templates (bug 349562)
    • Service
  • Properties (Project, Folder, File)
    • EGL Build Path (done)
    • Compiler/Generator (started) bug 346119
  • Search
  • Repository search (ASIST)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Open Part (done)
    • Optimize EGL Project Build Order?
    • Data Item Source Assistant?

  • SQL
    • EGL SQL Errors view
    • Preferences
      • SQL
      • SQL Database Connections
    • Properties
      • EGL Runtime Data Source
    • Source Editor
      • SQL Record (Retrieve SQL, View Default Select, Validate Default Select)
      • SQL Statement (Add, Add with Into, View, Validate, Remove, Reset)
      • Add SQL Prepare Statement

  • Rich UI (Forest)
    • EGL Data view
    • Preferences
    • Visual Editor
    • New RUI Project wizard
    • New RUI Handler & RUI Widget wizards (started)

  • Rich UI Widgets

  • Builders (Justin)
    • Rework project environments (done)
    • Generation
      • Prototype new generation framework (done)
      • Fully implement new generation framework (done)
      • Report generation errors somehow (done)
    • Investigate WCC, see if it needs to change for EDT
    • Investigate fileinfo caches, see if they can/should be removed
    • Rip out external project code (bug 348959)
    • Add ability to specify which format (xml or binary) the IRs should be persisted (bug 347063)

  • Deployment

  • EGLARs/MOFARs (Zhi)
    • Support eglars and mofars in the builder (done)
    • Add EGL source to EGLAR files (bug 347046)
    • tooling able to access the source code in EGLARs (bug 347051)
    • Add a read-only "sourceless" editor (bug 347061)
    • Add a readonly source editor (bug 347060)
    • Project explorer should show System Libraries (eglars) for a project (bug 347053)
    • port EGLAR support code from RBD 8012 to EDT (bug 347065) (Zhi)
    • Update indexing and search for eglars (bug 349857)
    • Generator concerning EGLAR(?)
    • EGLAR Deployment
    • EGLAR Debugging
    • EGLAR VE (Showing Widgts packaged in EGLAR)

  • Debugger (Justin)
    • EGL Java framework to wrap around JDT (done)
    • EGL JavaScript framework (bug 351854)
    • Step through statements
      • Most basic of function (free)
      • Step between EGL and Java (free)
      • Decide how to filter runtimes that users won't want to step into (bug 346265)
      • Run to line (bug 346256)
    • Set breakpoints
    • Variables view
      • Basic display of variables (done)
      • Format display of certain variables (bug 346247)
      • Show user and system libraries in Variables view (bug 346252)
      • View data tables, forms, program parameters in the variables view (bug 346254)
    • Modify variables (bug 346249)
    • Modify code (hot replace)
    • View function stack (done)
    • Watch expressions
    • Drop to frame
    • Hover value (bug 351872)
    • Watchpoints
  • Tooling for creating / extending compilers