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EDT:How to commit code to EDT

Bugzilla bugs are mandatory

Every change we commit MUST have a corresponding bug or enhancement in Bugzilla. Be sure the Target Milestone is set correctly.

When you resolve a bug, you MUST list the files that you changed. Either type in the file names or attach a screenshot that shows the changes.

Git commit messages are mandatory

You MUST enter a message when you commit a change to Git. The message MUST include number of the Bugzilla bug or enhancement.

Commit messages should be concise. It's best to say why you made the change, as opposed to saying what you changed.

  • Bad: "Bug 12345 - Fixed."
  • Better: "Bug 12345 - Added quartsToGallons() on calls to pumpGas()."
  • Best: "Bug 12345 - The input to the gas pump must be in gallons, not quarts."

File encoding

We use the UTF-8 encoding for all of our files. Set your workspace's Text File Encoding preference to UTF-8.


Our Nightly builds run twice a day: at 9 AM and 9 PM Eastern U.S. time.

Which files are included in the build

Our builds compile the latest code from the master branch. There are also a few projects which are not compiled, but are used to create something during the build. An example of this are the projects used to create the RUI widget libraries (org.eclipse.edt.rui.dojo, org.eclipse.edt.rui.dojo.remote, org.eclipse.edt.rui.dojo.runtime.local, org.eclipse.edt.rui.dojo.runtime.remote, org.eclipse.edt.rui.dojo.widgets, org.eclipse.edt.rui.widgets).