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EDT:How to add new EDT plugins

When a new plugin is added to EDT, the release engineer should do the following.

  • Add the plugin project to our CVS repository. (This could be done by any committer.) Do Team > Share Project > CVS and choose :extssh:you@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/tools. Choose Use Specified Module Name and enter org.eclipse.edt/folder/pluginName.
  • If the folder in the previous step is new, update the project metadata. Go to https://dev.eclipse.org/portal/myfoundation/portal/portal.php, click view next to tools.edt, and click maintain next to Project Info Meta-data. Click edit and update the list under "source repository".
  • Add the new plugin to the feature.xml of its feature.
  • Make an entry in the map file (org.eclipse.edt.releng/maps/edt.map) for the new plugin.
  • Do Team > Release to get the code into the next build.