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* [[EDT:EGL_Language_Operators_and_Expressions]]
* [[EDT:EGL_Language_Operators_and_Expressions]]
* [[EDT:EGL_Language_Stereotypes_and_Annotations]]
* [[EDT:EGL_Language_Stereotypes_and_Annotations]]
* [[EDT:EGL_Language_Tests]]

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General Notes

  • This document was populated from design meetings. Meeting notes are at EDT:Discussion topics from the language meetings.
  • "N/S" means Not Supported. We may support N/S features in the future.
  • Anything that exists in RBD but isn't mentioned here is not included in EDT. Or maybe we forgot about it. Nobody's perfect.
  • The work in the Core category includes the parser, model, and validation.
  • The work in the JavaScript, Java, and Debug categories includes both the generator and runtime.
  • Text with an orange background shows differences in features supported by both EDT and RBD.
  • Developers: include a link to Bugzilla for features not done yet, and mark items "Done" when you're finished.

Language Elements

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