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The EGLDoc component is similar to Javadoc - create a set of HTML documentation from source files. The HTML files will show relations between parts, structure breakdown, any any detailed documentation that was written in the source code. For example the HTML for a program part would list its parameters, fields, and functions. If any of these elements had documentation written in the "egldoc" syntax then that information would be used as a description of that element. If no documentation was written for an element you will still see the API of the element.


The generation framework has been defined, but templates need to be written to actual put together the HTML files. Currently the comments from the source files are not available to the templates; this will be added in the future. In the meantime the output files will provide the API information sans-documentation.

EGLDoc spec


Getting the code

The code resides in CVS with the rest of the EDT code:



Running EGLDoc

You can kick off EGLDoc generation by right-clicking on an EGL project > Generate EGLDoc. This will generate HTML files for all *.egl files within the project, and the output will be placed inside <project>/egldoc/.

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