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EDT:Debug Regression Testing

The following test scenarios should be run each release.

Common scenarios to be run as part of each of the other scenarios

Stepping through statements when suspended  

  • Step into
  • Step over
  • Step return

Run to line:

  • "Ctrl + r" with the cursor on the target line
  • Right-click in the editor and select "Run to Line" with the cursor on the target line


  • Can be set by double-clicking the editor's left margin, or right-click the margin to add
  • Can enable/disable breakpoints, changes take immediate effect

Variables view

  • All variables in scope are listed
  • Value and type for each variable looks correct
  • Values can NOT be changed during debugging (future feature)

Debug view

  • When suspended, the function stack looks correct
  • Stack frames have correct names and line numbers
  • Clicking on frames updates the variables view to show that frame's variables, and selects the appropraite line in the editor

Batch programs (Java)

Drop to frame

  • Pops off any frames above the target frame
  • Repositions to the beginning of the function
  • Note: Disabled on frames that are directly above native methods, or when a native method is above the target frame (JDT restriction)


  • Can step into Java code, such as as user-written external type.

Hot code replace

  • Limited support from JDT, no EGL-specific support
  • Small changes might work, like changing logic
  • Structural changes might not work, like adding new functions or global variables

Type filters

  • When enabled, certain types are automatically run instead of suspending inside them
  • Located in Preferences > EGL > Debug > Java Debugging
  • Can disable filters as a whole
  • Can disable specific filters
  • Can change step type ("step into" will step "through" the code until it reaches an unfiltered type, while "step return" runs much faster)
  • Can define your own custom filters at Preferences > Java > Debug > Step Filtering
  • Quick toggle located in Debug view's toolbar menu (click the downward triangle to the right of the stepping buttons, and expand the "EGL" submenu)

Rich UI Handlers (JavaScript)


Services (Java)