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The Java-based debugger is implemented via JSR-45, plus some of our own extensions (such as support for a customized Variables view).

The JavaScript-based debugger has not been started yet.

Debugger Implementation
Function 0.7 1.0 Future
Java-based debugger

Framework to wrap around JDT

Stepping through statements

  • Most basic of function
done (free)

  • Step between EGL and Java
done (free)

  • Decide how to filter runtimes that users won't want to step into
bug 346265

Setting Breakpoints

  • Line breakpoints

  • Conditional breakpoints

bug 351236

  • Watchpoints

bug 351873

Variables view

  • Basic display of primitive variables

  • Format display of certain variables
bug 346247

  • Show user and system libraries
done (bug 346252)

  • Show data tables, forms, & program parameters
done (bug 346254)

  • Show arrays in the "EGL way"
bug 352021

  • Simple value modification of primitives
bug 346249

  • Complex value modification of variables (supporting expressions)

  • Build watch expressions from variable context menu

bug 351858

Hot code replace (aka hotswapping)
done (free)

Watch expressions

bug 351240

Run to line
done (bug 346256)

Drop to frame
done (free)

Hover value

bug 351872

JavaScript-based debugger

Core JS debug framework

bug 351854

Run to line