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EDT Core 

Function Area Function 0.7 1.0 Future
Binders/Validation Port JUnit validation framework from RBD 2d bug 353766

Strip validation code from AbstractBinder and DefaultBinder   4d

Strip validation code from Binders     

Create stub validators for all Part Types and statements    

Update ICompiler to allow compilers to provide their own binders and validators     1d

Populate stub validators for the parts and statements supported by EDT (using IR model instead of bindings)   


Replace Binding with IRs Design how IRs will work as bindings (need Environment, arrays of types need to have object identity (int[] should always map to the same object)     2d

Update EGL2Mof hierarchy to remove bindings    

Update builder to use IRs (level 2 and 3 compile create Part IR, level 1 creates proxy part). Keep File binding and package bindings    2d

Update binders to use IRs instead of bindings    15d

Update tooling (open on select, refactor, etc) to use IRs instead of Bindings   

Use converters to validate compatibility    

Use IRUtils code to resolve overloaded functions   



Parser Remove primitive type keywords from lexer

Update compiler to provide a mapping of old primitive type to binding/IR




Support definition of part subtypes as either:

     Record BasicRecord type Annotation

     Record BasicRecord type StereoType


Use the defaultType field to tell egl2Mof that stereotype definitions should be mapped to stereoTypeType

Replace the InternalRef with the proxy types

Rewrite the annotation binder code to be more logical (no harcoded references to specific annotations)




System Parts Provide a way for compilers to specify which packages are implicitly imported 1d bug 354136

Define the list of packages that are implicitly imported by EDT (egl.lang?) 1d bug 354137

Define all types in .egl files