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[[Declaring data|Declaring values of native types]]  
[[Declaring data|Declaring values of EGL native types]]  
[[Working with custom types|Working with custom types]]  
[[Working with custom types|Working with EGL custom types]]  
[[Writing basic logic|Writing basic logic]]  
[[Writing basic logic|Writing basic logic]]  
[[Writing a Rich UI application|Writing a Rich UI application]]  
[[Declaring widgets|Declaring widgets]]  
[[Accessing a service|Accessing a service]]  
[[Accessing a service|Accessing a service]]  

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Declaring values of EGL native types

Working with EGL custom types

Writing basic logic

Declaring widgets

Accessing a service

Interacting with a database

To share a code snippet:

  1. On the page of interest, click Edit and, if necessary, log in to
  2. Use the Wikitext editor to add a new snippet. In particular, use the source lang="java" tag to provide a background for your snippet with syntax highlighting.

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