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EDT:0.7.0 Planning:Iteration 7

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Goals for Iteration 7

Eclipse website

  • extensibility paper (Jeff) - extending gen/run, and plugging it into the IDE- completion of this will be deferred a little - it's too soon to expose this level of detail
  • EDT overview documentation - what is it for, why it exists? This would go on the documentation section of the Eclipse web site. Also update the front page blurb - Tim & Saul
  • how do we get tied into the overall Eclipse communications - Will
  • Integration build - as soon as we get through the Eclipse contribution process, integrated into the eclipse build, and create a frozen integration driver.

Coding: - Bugzilla search

  • Exposing system parts in the IDE (bug 347001)
    • system parts managed in an EGL project (bug 347039)
    • EGLARs built from the EGL project (bug 347046)
    • refactoring of compiler to separate system parts from compiler (bug 347042)
    • source code in EGLARs
    • Add refactor participant for project-level settings (bug 346269)
    • tooling able to access the source code in EGLARs or zip file (bug 347051)
    • read-only editor (bug 347060)
    • non-source editor (bug 347061)
    • allow choice of what format of the IRs will be - XML or binary (bug 347063)
    • bring over the EGLAR function from RBD 8012 (will need to be reworked to use the new model) (bug 347065)
    • Project explorer should show System Libraries (EGLARs) for a project (bug 347053)
  • Compiler - front end needs to be designed - refactoring, validation framework, etc. and then tasked. (bug 347006)
  • IDE - continue on current path - finish preferences / properties, wizard to create EGL project - start simple, just implementing what the current action does that converts a java project to EGL. Then we can decide what additional functionality is desired.
    • Getting the project explorer to be EGL-aware (bug 346118).
    • EGL perspective (bug 346111).
    • Editor Search (bug 346312)
    • Allow generator property page to display option to override parent settings (bug 346267)
  • Generation invocation needs to be reworked from RBD - we need to identify what the weak points are in RBD, and this is a chance to rework it. Looking for areas that have been problematic (bug 346717)
    • Add additional attributes to compilers and generators extension points (bug 346246)
  • Utility to create IRs - deferred to later iteration, but needs to be created in bugzilla
  • Core - indexing to include annotations & stereotypes, smarter generation - understanding structurally changed. Paul & Justin with Tim's help for investigation.
  • debug - continue on current path as a lower priority than core work, if time allows.
  • Services - work in the priority shown in RTC (copy to bugzilla)
    • Implement REST service invocation for Javascript gen (bug 346144)
    • Implement a proxy for Javascript service invocation (bug 346145)
    • Implement XML support for Javascript generation (bug 346138)
  • generating a RUI library, JavaScript generation in general. Open extensible architecture. Identify what is needed for thin RUI demo for June. We can generate a basic RUI library in I5. Also looking at hooking into debug - this needs to be explored. Need to look at 'purifying' the RUI gen, removing the RBD-specific aspects.
  • Java runtime:
    • refactoring core EGL language vs. RBD-specific (bug 346334)
    • data base I/O - needs to be designed, including how JPA will play in, vs straight SQL. In I7, we will target having the direction / design set. (bug 346425)
    • Add string features needed for the test framework (bug 346337)
  • Language test framework - generation of the program based on library is finished, in command line mode. Now working toward automation. Then need to handle the results, to get a report out - build a tool to read the output and display it. Also start writing the test cases. This might drive some requirements on the EDT language gen/run implementation.
    • Develop conformance tests for a type and a statement (bug 347153)
  • Tooling explicitly for extending generators - an EGL generator project. This needs to be designed, in a later iteration

Open Development Process

In this iteration, we will begin doing open development at Eclipse for planning and tracking of work.  We will create Enhancements in Bugzilla for all line items, and create child Enhancement items for the detailed work tasks required to implement each enhancement.   We'll use the Target field to indicate which items are expected for a particular iteration. 

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