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EDT:0.7.0 Planning:Iteration 4

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Code contribution to Eclipse

  • Java runtime - whatever state it's in at the start of the iteration
  • IDE - all of the code we've developed. Alice is doing some cleanup first
  • Justin to run code scan, Lisa to analyze
  • Run copyright tool first, and also remove Author tags
  • CQ - needs to be done by a committer. We can do a single CQ for both Javagen and IDE

Roll I3 tasks out to I5:

  • Separate build that is SDK only- move out I5 (done)
  • Create EGL project
  • Justin's current I4 stuff


  • Extensibility of the editor - actions that are commented out that we aren't inheriting form Eclipse now - we need to investigate what these are, identify the work. Also additional editor function that we just haven't carried over from RBD. Alice to create stories / tasks, and assign to EDT 1.0 backlog (EDT 1.0 Plan) or iteration 4
  • Editor - model APIs - this is also a priority now - for Alice to populate in RTC
  • Editor preferences, using eclipse preferences - ditto


  • Design & create of a utility to create IRs from source code. Also implementing anything that is blocking Jeff from generation. Also continue on front end of core. Define stories & tasks for iteration 4 in RTC


  • handling of any type in services - design a lean implementation that could then be taken back to RBD. Also SOAP 1.2 - overall SOAP services design. Define Stories & tasks for iteration 4


  • hook the SMAP stuff up to the debugger. This will allow Jeff to start running his code, to identify problems - so sooner is better in the iteration.


  • SMAP debugger stuff - we want to get this hooked up to debugger so that it can be exercised, but that will require Justin's time - this should be Justin's focus. Also work on Language elements that don't require runtime. Work with Paul to resolve anything that you need from the IRs


  • define stories, identify work for I4. Also javascript generation