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EDT:0.7.0 Planning:Iteration 12

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Target line items - Bugzilla search

  • JavaScript Generation
    • Development Mode generator extension bug 354140 (Scott, Forest, Justin)
    • Complete more plumbing code for service invocations(Joe)
      • JSON conversion for JavaScript bug 352583 (Joe)
      • JSON conversions for Java bug 352581 (Joe)
      • The following are coded but require testing
    • CQ for JavaScript runtime bug 348120(Joe)
  • IDE
    • RUI Debugger: core framework bug 351854(Justin)
    • Support creation of generic EGL projects using concept of a project template bug 354426 (Jiyong)
    • Dojo Mobile widget and wizard. Update the runtime to 1.6 (Jiyong)
    • Project Explorer: Hide folders bug 351209(Jiyong)
    • Deployment: New deployment descriptor wizard bug 352831(Jiyong)
    • quick fix for delegate & callback bug 351925 (Xiaobin)
    • open part bug 352816 (Xiaobin)
    • Visual Editor bug 352757 (Forest)
    • development mode for JS Gen bug 354140 (Forest)
    • Extracting EGL Interface from EGL bug 353064 (Zhi)
    • Deployment Descriptor Editor bug 352828 (Tony)
    • Deployment result view bug 352833 (Jimmy)
    • SQL Editor support (get list from wiki) (Zhi)

  • EGL Unit Tests
    • Framework - make generation extensible by other languages, and reporting the accurate count of the test variations bug 352638bug 354205(Jing)
    • Framework - make progress bar show accurate information bug 352640bug 352643bug 354203 (Rocky)
    • Testing - Identifying all the blocking issues for EDT tests to execute in EDT (Kathy)
    • Testing - writing EDT language tests (Kathy)
    • Testing - port existing RBD FVT test cases (CDL Test team)