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*[[EDT:0.8.1 Planning wiki page]]  
*[[EDT:0.8.1 Planning wiki page]]  
* [ | EDT 0.8.1 Plan page on]
* [ EDT 0.8.1 Plan page on]
*[[EDT:0.8.0 Planning]] - Complete!  
*[[EDT:0.8.0 Planning]] - Complete!  
*[[EDT:Components and Functionality]]  
*[[EDT:Components and Functionality]]  

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This page lists resources for EGL Development Tools (EDT). The project is creating two aspects of the open-source EGL technology:

  • EGL Core, which provides the basic rules of EGL syntax.
  • Eclipse IDE for the EGL Web Developer, which is an environment for writing and transforming your business applications.

Eclipse IDE for the EGL Web Developer is the first extension of EGL Core.

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Primarily for EGL business developers:

Primarily for EDT project developers:

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Project docs:

Eclipse Foundation docs:

Compare EDT to IBM Rational Business Developer

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