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ECF Conference Call 8.20.2007

ECF Releases

ECF 1.1 Target Release Date

Bug Backlog

  • ACTION ITEM FOR COMMITTERS: Please assign yourself additional relevant bugs from the above list and resolve them.

ECF Automated Build Now Active

  • In place/running with automated daily builds at ecf2.osuosl.org (Ted and Pete) bug 135450

Status for ECF Ongoing Work Areas



  • NOTES: Moritz and Scott are testing Jingle provider Aug 22, others that wish to get/use Moritz' work should contact him directly or via ecf-dev@eclipse.org.
  • NOTES: Roland is working on IAX provider. Status to be updated by Roland.

Shared Editing

  • Cola and XCDE in org.eclipse.ecf.examples.collab.editor (Mustafa, Boris?, Ken, others?) bug 170866, bug 192578, others
  • NOTES: Mustafa is working on generalizing Cola code via plugin at ecf1.osuosl.org and will coordinate with Scott for checkin to CVS at dev.eclipse.org (over existing plugin org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab.editor). Target date for code move: Aug 29, 2007.



  • NOTES: ECF is being used by the Equinox Provisioning M1. Additional bugs and enhancement requests will be forthcoming associated the provisioning usage.
  • Remote Services (Scott)
  • NOTES: Remote services API now supported via following providers: XMPP, ECF Generic, ActiveMQ JMS, Weblogic JMS.
  • NOTES: Enhancement requests (and contribution) forthcoming (e.g. IServiceTypeID).