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ECF Conference Call 5.18.2012

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  • Scott Lewis, Wim Jongman, Markus Kuppe, Harshana Martin, Tishan Pubudu, Jasintha Dassanayake


ECF Juno Release (3.5.6)

  • ECF will participate the Juno release train
  • It will be a minor version change for ECF
  • Majority Bug fixes
  • Upgraded the Remote Service implementation to support OSGi 5 spec

ECF build system migration to Tycho

  • ECF to try to move the build to Tycho
  • Create a new branch in GitHub and do the changes there and use Jenkins builder at OSUOSL to build the new branch
  • Salvo would be prime candidate to try Tycho build

Google Summer of Code - Remote Service Test Framework

Google Summer of Code - Salvo