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ECF Conference Call 4.16.2013

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Next Release of ECF: 3.6.1


TBD. We would like to have it occur in April (prior to the run up to Kepler simultaneous release), but it's partially dependent upon when we can get access to the OSGI Remote Services/RSA TCK...via OSGi Consortium and EF legal.


  • 3.6.1 *will not* include work on updating rest API to use apache httpclient4 bug 403675. This work will be targeted for Kepler Simultaneous Release (late June).

Usage of Git and Gerrit for ECF contributions

  • Markus will propose on bug bug 403675 that we use gerrit (newly enabled for the ECF project via bug 386286). We can try out how it works with our committers via that bug.

GSoC Projects for GSoC'13

Harshana will post some potential ECF GSOC projects on the GSOC 13 ideas page.

Tycho and Maven Integration

Git branch for Tycho work? Harshana says yes...it's at github. Harshana will send mailing list post to describe where things are at, what any block

Other Items

Prashant is interested in contributing in shared editing, android clients, and possibly other ideas. Scott will send email to mailing list to solicit input and committer support for work by Prashant in these areas and others that he might be interested in.


  • Markus Kuppe, Scott Lewis, Prashant Tiwari. Harshana Martin