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ECF BitTorrent Provider

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Project Lead: Remy Chi Jian Suen

Mentor(s): Wayne Beaton, Scott Lewis, and Chris Aniszczyk

The goal if this project is to create an implementation of the file sharing API provided by the Eclipse Communication Framework using the BitTorrent protocol.

BitTorrent Plug-in Data Model

The package name org.eclipse.bittorrent may be altered when the plug-in is released.

Text in red denotes that the code has not been written yet.


Host - reads in a Torrent connects to peers to begin seeding or downloading

  • contains exactly one Torrent
  • contains one or more DataFiles
  • contains one or more Pieces

Torrent - a representation of the metainfo stored within a .torrent file


DataFile - a representation of a file on the user's system for read/write operations

  • contains one or more Pieces

Piece - a piece of data that is needed to complete a download

  • contains one or more DataFiles

ConnectionPool - a thread pool that manages ConnectionThreads

  • contains exactly one Host
  • contains one or more ConnectionThreads

ConnectionThread - creates a PeerConnection to talk to a peer

  • contains exactly one PeerConnection

PeerConnection - connects to a peer and exchanges information

  • exactly one Host


BEncodedDictionary - holds the key-value pairs stored within a bencoded string.

Decode - decodes information such as the contents of a torrent file

Encode - converts or alters information for use

Plug-in Usage

This section will describe how a developer would create a client using the BitTorrent plug-in.

Use Cases

  1. - downloads a single file from a torrent until completion
  2. - begin downloading a single file from a torrent and stop the download after a period of time
    1. - resume the download
    2. - cancel the download and delete the downloaded files
  3. - start two downloads from two torrents until completion
  4. - begin two downloads from two torrent and then stop the second one after a period of time
    1. - resume the second download after the first has completed
    2. - cancel the first download and start the second download

External Links

Eclipse Communication Framework Website

BitTorrent Specification

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