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ECF API Refactoring

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Prior to 1.0, ECF will be going through a concerted API and exemplary applications refactoring and restructuring effort.

Pending Items

Add Bulletin Board API to ECF Plugins and Features (Major)

Add Bulletin Board API. Remove EE 1.5 dependencies.

See: Bug #150756

Add 'removeListener' methods

Add removeListener methods in IChatRoomContainer (and in IPresenceContainer). Also check other listener add and check for availability of remove methods.

See: Bug #160968

Streamline ClientSOContainer

Streamline handling of creating/passing in connect data for new kind of authentication.

See: Bug #150398

Move IInvitationListener

Move (in presence API) access to IInvitationListener to IChatRoomManager rather than IPresenceContainer.

See: Bug #160137

Introduce Convention for Container Adapters

Change all occurrences of I<whatever>Container that are intended to be used as adapters off of IContainer (via IContainer.getAdapter(I<whatever>Container) to have the following naming convention:

Was: I<whatever>Container Will be: I<whatever>ContainerAdapter

This way, it should be more obvious which interface in a given API plugin is the container adapter that should be use for the call to IContainer.getAdapter

Items In Progress

Split org.eclipse.ecf Core Plugin into 2 or 3 Plugins (Major)

Refactor org.eclipse.ecf plugin into 2 or 3 plugins. This is a large refactoring effort. See discussion thread on mailing list:

Status: Started by SBL

Create filetransfer plugin, remove fileshare plugin

Remove org.eclipse.ecf.fileshare API packages and classes.

Create a new plugin: org.eclipse.ecf.filetransfer.

Status: Started by SBL

Completed Items

'Low-end' Execution Environment Support

See: Bug #149024

Problem: Dependency on* classes. These classes are not available in Framework 1.1 (they are part of the JAAS classes that are optional for F1.1)

Removed ECF core and all provider references to classes;;;;

Explanation: Added new classes and changed existing references to above classes to classes in ECF package:;;;;

Assure JRE1.4 as EE for All Core Plug-ins

See: Bug #160805

This isn't necessarily correct as not all plug-ins should be J2SE-1.4 compliant (this is an awkward case since the issue is over a provider's library). Per the discussions on the dev-list, a provider should be allowed to be whatever EE it wants. I have renamed the header as "All Core Plug-ins" instead of "All Plugins". --Remy Suen
Reading it over, I guess my statement above makes the bug I filed invalid since if a provider plug-in can be whatever EE is necessary, then there is no need to change the Smack library's compiler compliance down to 1.4. I guess the point here is that plug-ins should be consistent in their MANIFEST.MF and compiler settings. Since the Smack library can run on J2SE-1.4 and does not use 5.0 features (generics, foreach, etc.), then the entire project's settings should be set to J2SE-1.4. If it were to need J2SE-1.5, then both the MANIFEST.MF EE and the compiler should be set as such. Inconsistent settings creates confusion for everyone. --Remy Suen

Deferred Items


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