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==Application Refactorings==
==Application Refactorings and Rewrites==
===Example Collab Application===
===Example Collab Application===

Revision as of 20:19, 14 October 2006

Prior to 1.0, ECF will be going through a concerted API and exemplary app refactoring effort. See below for list of desired refactorings and current state

API Refactorings

Split org.eclipse.ecf Core Plugin into 2 or 3 Plugins--LARGE

Refactor org.eclipse.ecf plugin into 2 or 3 plugins. This is a large refactoring effort. See discussion thread on mailing list:

Status: Not Done

Add Bulletin Board API to ECF Plugins and Features--LARGE

Add Bulletin Board API. See:

Status: Not Done

'Low-end' Execution Environment Support


Problem: Dependency on* classes. These classes are not available in Framework 1.1 (they are part of JAAS classes that are optional for F1.1)

Removed ECF core and all provider references to classes;;;;

Status: DONE Explanation: Added new classes and changed existing references to above classes to classes in ECF package:;;;;

Add 'removeListener' methods

Add removeListener methods in IChatRoomContainer (and in IPresenceContainer). Also check other listener add and check for availability of remove methods. See:

Status: Not Done

Streamline ClientSOContainer

Streamline handling of creating/passing in connect data for new kind of authentication. See :

Status: Not Done

Move IInvitationListener

Move (in presence API) access to IInvitationListener to IChatRoomManager rather than IPresenceContainer. See:

Status: Not Done

Introduce Convention for Container Adapters

Change all occurrences of I<whatever>Container that are intended to be used as adapters off of IContainer (via IContainer.getAdapter(I<whatever>Container) to have the following naming convention:

Was: I<whatever>Container Will be: I<whatever>ContainerAdapter

This way, it should be more obvious which interface in a given API plugin is the container adapter that should be use for the call to IContainer.getAdapter

Status: Not Done

Assure JRE1.4 as EE for All Plugins


Application Refactorings and Rewrites

Example Collab Application

Refactor and rewrite org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab plugin. Also need to create RCP app from new set of top-level plugins. See:

Suggested Initial Set of Features:

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