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ECF Generic Server

ECF Generic Servers can now be created, started, and managed dynamically using the IGenericServerContainerGroupFactory service started in the bundle activator of the org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic bundle.

Here some example code for creating/starting a simple ECF generic server

// Get generic server container group factory service...e.g. via declarative service injection
// or via ServiceTracker
IGenericServerContainerGroupFactory genericServerFactory = <get IGenericServerContainerGroupFactory service>;

// Create generic server container group for localhost, listen port=3282
IGenericServerContainerGroup containerGroup = genericServerFactory.createContainerGroup("localhost",3282);

// Create an ECF container within the container group, and give it path="/server"
// The resulting container's ID will be:  ecftcp://localhost:3282/server

// start listening for client connections
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