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ECF/REST abstraction

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OSGi Services to expose REST Clients

ECF's focus has been the support of OSGi remote services...i.e. exposing OSGi services remotely, via proxies that have underneath them some protocol for communicating with the actual remote service.

REST-based services use http to access remote resources via http get, put, post, and delete actions.

The ECF REST abstraction allows REST-based services to be exposed to clients/consumers as OSGi services. This allows the automatic use of a number of useful technologies based upon OSGi services (e.g. declarative services, spring, ServiceTracker, etc) for accessing REST-based services.


Test/Example code

See the test cases in org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice.rest. Particularly the test classes: org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice.rest.RestRemoteServiceTest and org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice.rest.twitter.TwitterRemoteServiceTest.


Documentation is available in pse.ecf Javadoc API. The REST client API is in these packages:

  • org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.rest
  • org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.rest.client
  • org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.rest.identity
  • org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.rest.util