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ECF/DocShare Plugin

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How to Use

To use the real-time documentation sharing

  • Get ECF 2.0.0M4 or later (get here).
  • Connect to a provider that supports the ECF Datashare API. Supporting IM providers are: XMPP/Google Talk (comes with ECF 2.0.0M4), Skype (found here). Here are instructions for connecting, if you are new to ECF.
  • Open a TextEditor on a resource from your workspace (e.g. a java file, or .txt file).
  • Open the Context Menu (right click) on the editor you should see something like this


  • Select the target user to share your editor session with. Note that in M5 we will be filtering

users in the context menu to show only the ones able to engage in editor sharing.

How to Stop

  • Open the context menu for the editor being shared.
  • Select "Stop Sharing Editor with ..."

Screen Shots

There is now a plugin org.eclipse.ecf.docshare to provides some support for the ongoing work on RT Shared Editing. What this plugin does is expose an ECF Roster Menus in the context menu of all Eclipse-based text editors (e.g. java editor and text editor) so that shared editing can be initiated directly from within the existing editor UI.

Here is the 'slewis' client (the initiator), before starting editor sharing


Here is the 'fliwatuet' client (the receiver), before starting editor sharing


Slewis initiates the real-time shared editing by opening the context menu in the editor, and choosing Share Editor With -> slewis@ecf.eclipse.org ->ECF -> fliwatuet@ecf.eclipse.org


Fliwatuet receives a notice (to be replaced with a new notification system soon) and can accept or reject the shared editing session


If fliwatuet accepts, the editor is opened with slewis current editor content on fliwatuet's workbench


At this point, both participants can edit the text and updates will be immediately distributed and shown on the other's corresponding editor.

So, for example, here fliwatuet enters a new method (baz)


These same updates appear immediately on slewis' workbench. Slewis can also make changes and these are reflected on fliwatuet's workbench


Note that currently this editor does not do conflict resolution, and so the editors can get get out of synch. But this will soon be remedied by adding the resolution code from Mustafa's work on the real-time shared editing, aka Cola.

This new plugin source is available via the project set file. For committers, get the project set file with extssh access here