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# Alexander Fedorov
# Alexander Fedorov
# Jens Lideström
# Jens Lideström
# Sebastian Ratz
# Neeraj Bhusare
# Neeraj Bhusare

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Eclipse SDK Meetup

A virtual meetup as part of EclipseCon 2020 - for people who are interested in what's happening in the Eclipse SDK, looking to contribute or have discussions with the committers and contributors of the Eclipse SDK project.

Come and meet the Eclipse SDK community, other committers & contributors and share your thoughts/ideas.


Date: October 19, 2020, Monday

Time: 14:30 - 16:00 CET (tentative)


Please feel free to add suggestions for ideas, topics to discuss, etc.

  • Contributing to the Eclipse SDK
    • Speakers please sign-up : Please add your name if you are interested to speak on this topic
  1. ABCs of JDT Core Contribution - [Manoj N Palat]
  • Hear from the committers and contributors
    • Speakers please sign-up : Please add your name if you are interested to share your experience as a committer or contributor
  1. Committer experience [Alexander Fedorov]
  • Lightning talks
    • Speakers please sign-up : Please add your name if you would like to present something interesting to the community
  1. What's New in the Eclipse Platform Project: An overview of the things that drove the project's community during the past year. Shortened version of the same-named ECE2020 talk. [Karsten Thoms]
  2. Today’s displays are not 92 DPI any more - How to make your SWT application look great on modern displays. Shortened version of my ECE2020 proposal. [Matthias Becker]
  • Discussion topics
    • Please add any topics you would like to discuss
  1. E4 story: vision and plans for the nearest years
  • Community feedback
  1. How to measure and visualize the grade of effort invested to the Eclipse project improvements by not funded committers and contributors


Since the event is virtual this year, we need a number for the estimated attendance.

Please add your name if you are interested in attending this meet up.

  1. Manoj N Palat
  2. Vikas Chandra
  3. Lakshmi Shanmugam
  4. Dani Megert
  5. Sarika Sinha
  6. Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti
  7. Noopur Gupta
  8. Karsten Thoms
  9. Matthias Becker
  10. Alexander Fedorov
  11. Jens Lideström
  12. Sebastian Ratz
  13. Neeraj Bhusare

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