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The Eclipse Foundation has implemented Eclipse Contributor Agreements (ECA) to improve its intellectual property (IP) management and workflow. In part, the ECA is a portion of the work required to implement signed-off-by for all contributions coming to Eclipse via Git or Gerrit. All contributors are required to sign the ECA before contributing to any Eclipse project they are not a committer on.

If you have any questions about ECA, please check out the FAQ first. If that does not answer your questions, please contact


I have signed the ECA and have signed-off on my commit, but Gerrit is rejecting it.

Email address and user name matching is case-sensitive. Make sure that the case you use in your commit credentials matches the case you used when you signed the ECA.

The user name and email address that's in the author field must match (case sensitive) the case in the Signed-off-by statement.

The Signed-off-by statement must be in the footer of the commit message. Make sure that there are no blank lines beneath the statement.

Make sure that you aren't pushing more than one commit. The id (SHA) of the commit that's rejected will appear in the output from your failed push. Make sure the id matches that of the commit you think you're pushing.

If that doesn't solve it, open a bug.

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