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*[[CLA/Implementation Requirements|CLA Implementation Requirements]]
*[[CLA/Implementation Requirements|CLA Implementation Requirements]]
* [ CLA Bugs]
* [ CLA Bugs]
** Overhaul our contribution recordkeeping to implement CLAs and signed-off-by {{Bug|401236}}
** Text of the Eclipse Foundation CLA {{Bug|401349}}
** Add Support for CLAs in Gerrit {{Bug|401239}}
** Investigate adding decorators in Bugzilla to indicate whether someone has a CLA on file {{Bug|401549}}
** Implement a git trigger to ensure that all contributions have a CLA on file for the author {{Bug|401240}}
** Automate the process of creating a CLA {{Bug|401238}}
** Create custom schema to contain CLA info {{Bug|401458}}

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The Eclipse Foundation is implementing Contributor License Agreements (CLA) to improve its intellectual property (IP) management and workflow. In part, CLAs are a portion of the work required to implement signed-off-by for all contributions coming to Eclipse via Git or Gerrit.

The desire is to completely automate the workflows associated with CLAs in order to significantly reduce the effort required by contributors and committers to provide and accept contributions to Eclipse projects.


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