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EATOP Technical Meeting 20141020

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Meeting Data


20.10.2014, 14:00 - 15:00


  • Stefan Voget, Continental Automotive
  • Stefan Ebenschwanger, Continental Automotive
  • Henrik Kaijser, Volvo
  • Henrik Lönn, Volvo


  • Validation plugin from Continental Automotive is finalized; upload will be done soon
  • Example graphical editor from Continental Automotive is close to finalization; IPZilla item will be created soon
  • Volvo implemented the following plugins that should be added to EATOP
    • Requirement Allocation completeness graph A bar graph or circle diagram showing the fraction of allocated requirements
    • Model Overview A graphical overview of which elements belong to which abstraction level or extension
    • Diagram viewer A plugin that opens diagrams defined according to Synligare’s diagram exchange format
    • ErrorModel Generation A plugin that generates an errorpropagation model based on the selected nominal architecture.
    • ErrorModel Refinement Assistant A plugin that assists manipulations of error models by collapsing ports and subfunctions with maintained linking to nominal model.
    • ErrorModel Visualization A graphical representation of the generated error model to assist understanding and assessment
    • ErrorModel Consistency Check A Plugin that checks if the ErrorModel is consistent with the nominal model, or if the nominal model has been changed.
    • ErrorModel2HipHops Export A plugin that generates an input file for the HipHops fault tree analysis tool.
  • Henrik Kaijser from Volvo will be added as contributor to EATOP
  • Henrik Lönn from Volvo will add bugzilla item for support of graphical exchange formats

Next Meeting


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