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EATOP Technical Meeting 20140217

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Meeting Data


17.02.2014, 11:00 - 12:00


  • Daniels Umanovskis, Arccore
  • Yue Ma, Itemis
  • Stephan Eberle, Itemis
  • Jens Wehrenbrecht, Continental Automotive
  • Stefan Voget, Continental Automotive

General information

Actually EATOP is preparing the initial contribution. During this phase, the initial contributors organize from time to time technical coordination phone conferences. All interested parties are invited to indicate their interest to join. In such a case you will be invited, too.

All interested parties are informed about the progress by mail with the help of these minutes.


  • Preparation of the initial contribution is still ongoing:
    • Code of Ecore / Schema generator (Yue Ma) and generic serialization (Mark Brörkens) has been submitted to IP review in Sphinx. Finalization is expected for this week.
    • After the IP review a new version of Sphinx will be published.
    • 3rd step is the finalization of the transformation of EATOP code.
    • In parallel to Sphinx IP review renaming of EATOP plugins can be done.
    • The contribution to IP review for EATOP is planned for end of February
  • Maenad final report at 13. March
    • Maenad should at least be able to report that EATOP is in IP review at Eclipse
    • As the links in SAFE and in Maenad project documents actually are linked to the EATOP pages at Eclipse Lab, there should be a reference page added which says something like: "code no longer mainained at Eclipse lab, but see Eclipse page YYY"
  • Contributors actually work on additional example plugins:
    • Arccore will upload an additional demonstrator including the work done in the MAENAD project this week.
    • Continental Automotive will contribute an implementation of the EAST-ADL constraints using OCL validation this week.
  • Validation code from Continental Automotive will be contributed after EATOP initial contribution has been done
  • Graphiti code from Continental Automotive is experimental - also in future. Add code to the IP review contribution. Stephan Eberle sends requirements about what to prepare before incorporation.
  • Additional icons are available from Maenad. Daniels sends a link to the icon folder and a list of classes for which new icon is available.
  • EATOP will be shown on the following conferences
    • 20.-21.05.2014 Presentation at in Munich by Continental Automotive
    • June 2014 at European Eclipse Con in Toulouse by Itemis

Next Meeting

03.03.2014; 11:00 - 12:00

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