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E4/UI/Running the contacts demo

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A screenshot of the e4 contacts demo.
The instructions provided on this page were last updated for the Eclipse 4.0 release.

The e4 contacts demo showcases an e4-based RCP application that allows the user to view and edit vCards.


  1. Download an Eclipse 4.0 SDK here.
  2. Unzip/Untar the file as you would with a regular Eclipse SDK download.
  3. Start up Eclipse.
  4. See E4/UI/Running_the_compatibility_demo for extra bundles you might need to work with the contacts demo.


  • Displays the usage and definition of commands, handlers, and keybindings in e4
    • Ctrl+5, X will exit the application (demonstrates multistroke keybindings)
    • Ctrl+S to save the vCard that's currently opened
  • Shows how CSS can be used to skin an application (note that the CSS engine does not have any particular dependencies on e4 technologies and can be reused in an Eclipse 3.x-based application)
  • Editing a vCard will cause the part to display the '*' dirty affordance (demonstrates the life cycle of saveable parts)

Setup steps

  1. Select File > Import... and select CVS > Projects from CVS, click Next.
  2. Copy the CVS repository location and paste it into the "Host" field to populate the wizard page:
  3. You should see "Host:, Repository path: /cvsroot/eclipse, User: anonymous, Connection type: pserver".
  4. Click 'Next' and select the second option 'Use an existing module'.
  5. Drill down as follows: e4 > releng > and select org.eclipse.e4.ui.releng. Click 'Next'.
  6. Important: Do not click Finish just yet. Advance to the last wizard page using Next, then click on Refresh Tags. Select the tag appropriate for your installation (you probably want v20100727-1415) and click Finish.
  7. This will check out a project into your workspace. Expand the project in the 'Package Explorer' view and then right-click on the e4.ui.examples.psf file and then select 'Import Project Set...'.
  8. Click OK to reuse the same repository you previously used above. If you are prompted for login credentials, simply enter in 'anonymous' for your user name.
  9. You will now have a couple more projects in your workspace. Expand the 'org.eclipse.e4.demo.contacts' project and open the contacts.product file.
  10. In the opened editor, navigate to the 'Testing' section in the 'General' tab. It should be located in the bottom left hand side of the editor.
  11. Click the 'Launch an Eclipse application' hyperlink. The demo should then launch.

Known issues

  • The splash screen does not currently go away, see bug 277463.
  • The examples PSF works correctly with each milestone, but is invalid for I builds, see bug 298011.
  • Contact demo fails to launch from the .product file. Open the Run Configuration dialog and hit Run, see bug 303973.

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