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E4/UI/Running the contacts demo

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The e4 contacts demo showcases an e4-based RCP application that allows the user to view and edit vCards.


  • e4 SDK installation

Setup steps

  1. Download an e4 SDK here.
  2. Unzip/Untar the file as you would with a regular Eclipse SDK download.
  3. Start up Eclipse.
  4. e4 > General e4 Example Project
  5. Locate the e4-examples.psf file in the generated org.eclipse.e4.examples.psf project.
  6. Right-click > Import Project Set
  7. You may be prompted to provide information about the CVS repository. If such a dialog appears, simply click 'OK' to advance.
  8. For the user name, please use anonymous and leave the password field blank.
  9. The check out operation should complete successfully.
  10. Locate the contacts.product file in the generated org.eclipse.e4.demo.contacts project and open it.
  11. In the opened editor, navigate to the 'Testing' section in the 'General' tab.
  12. Click the 'Launch an Eclipse application' hyperlink. The demo should now come up. The splash screen does not currently go away, see bug 277463.

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