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Time and Location

May 22-23, 2008 (Thursday and Friday)

IBM Cognos Building
3755 Riverside Dr.
Ottawa, ON

  • We will try to set up a video link for people who cannot attend in person. Not sure how effective this will be though.

IBM Logo.gif
Thanks very much to IBM for hosting and sponsoring the E4 Summit.


TBD, based on the work areas below.

Work areas

In no particular order. Please add items you are willing to work on in the context of e4.

Work Area People
Architectural Foundations (dependency injection, too many listeners, becoming more asynchronous, security, ...) Mike Wilson, Boris Bokowski, Bernd Kolb (not available during the summit, sorry), Michael Scharf, Kim Horne, Eric Moffatt, Jeff McAffer, Pascal Rapicault, John Arthorne, Matt Flaherty, Kevin McGuire, Christian Campo
SWT Browser Edition Steve Northover, Silenio Quarti, Jochen Krause
e4 Tooling Chris Aniszczyk, Jeff McAffer, Yves YANG
Declarative UI Michael Scharf, Tom Schindl, Eric Moffatt, Dave Orme, Yves YANG, Jochen Krause, Steve Northover, Silenio Quarti, Kevin McGuire, Boris Bokowski, Christian Campo
Styling/CSS Tom Schindl, Eric Moffatt, Yves YANG, Steve Northover, Silenio Quarti, Kevin McGuire
Web-based IDE Kevin McGuire, Boris Bokowski
Make it easy to script Eclipse (e.g., expose DOMs) Chris Aniszczyk, Tom Schindl, Eric Moffatt, Jeff McAffer, Dave Orme, Pascal Rapicault, Kevin McGuire, Boris Bokowski
Plug-ins implemented in other languages (JavaScript, JRuby, Groovy, ...) Mike Wilson, Chris Aniszczyk, Jeff McAffer, Pascal Rapicault, Matt Flaherty, Boris Bokowski
Client/Server Split Kim Horne, Jeff McAffer, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Pascal Rapicault, John Arthorne, Jochen Krause, Matt Flaherty, Boris Bokowski
e4 embedded Steve Northover
Modelling the Workbench Mike Wilson, Eric Moffatt, Boris Bokowski, Kenn Hussey, Bernd Kolb (not available during the summit, sorry), Tom Schindl, Dave Orme, Yves YANG, Pascal Rapicault, Kevin McGuire
Eclipse Application Model (the "twenty things") Mike Wilson, Boris Bokowski, Kim Horne, Pascal Rapicault, John Arthorne, Kevin McGuire
Flexible Resource Model Doug Schaefer, Kenn Hussey, Eric Moffatt, Chris Recoskie, Serge Beauchamp
Commands - Gestures and Execution Paul Webster, Eric Moffatt, Kevin McGuire
Build and Distribution Jeff McAffer, Pascal Rapicault, John Arthorne, Jochen Krause, Doug Schaefer
Rich Client Platform Kai Tödter, Kevin McGuire, Matt Flaherty, Boris Bokowski, Christian Campo


Please add your name to the table above so that we can gauge interest in (and willingness to work on!) the various work areas. Feel free to add new work areas as you see fit.

  • Mike Wilson, IBM Canada
  • Boris Bokowski, IBM Canada
  • Doug Schaefer, Wind River
  • Steve Northover, IBM Canada
  • Silenio Quarti, IBM Canada
  • Eric Moffatt, IBM Canada
  • Kenn Hussey, Embarcadero Technologies
  • Chris Aniszczyk, IBM Austin
  • Michael Scharf, Wind River
  • Kim Horne, IBM Canada
  • Paul Webster, IBM Canada
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation
  • Jeff McAffer, Code 9
  • Dave Orme, Coconut Palm Software
  • Yves YANG, Soyatec
  • Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation
  • Pascal Rapicault, IBM Canada
  • John Arthorne, IBM Canada
  • Jochen Krause, Innoopract
  • Matt Flaherty, IBM Westford (Lotus)
  • Matt Hatem, IBM Westford (Lotus)
  • Kevin McGuire, IBM Canada
  • Chris Recoskie, IBM Canada
  • Ed Merks, IBM Canada
  • Scott Kovatch, Adobe Systems
  • Mike Morearty, Adobe Systems
  • Christian Campo, compeople AG
  • Serge Beauchamp, Freescale Semiconductor


Days Inn Ottawa Airport
366 Hunt Club Rd.
1.9 km / 1.2 miles = 25 minute walk from the IBM Cognos Building
Book online
Rates start at $160 CDN per night
The hotel recommends booking at least 2 weeks ahead as Monday to Thursday usually sells out.
1.866.468.4442 (US & Canada) or +1.613.739.7555 (international)

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