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E4/Self Hosting

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We now have Eclipse 4.0 stream builds that we are capable of self-hosting on. That is, using these builds as an IDE to develop e4 and Eclipse 4.0 itself.

Developing the compatibility layer

At the time of writing, you need three bundles from /cvsroot/eclipse.

  • e4/org.eclipse.e4.compatibility/bundles/org.eclipse.ui.workbench (HEAD)
  • org.eclipse.platform (R4_HEAD branch)
  • org.eclipse.sdk (R4_HEAD branch)

To start your "inner" Eclipse, simply bring up the context menu on an item in the package explorer > Run As > Eclipse Application.

If it does not run, make sure you are running the org.eclipse.sdk.ide product and that your launch configuration has the above three bundles checked.


This section is for gathering a list of known user-level problems that are an impediment to self-hosting. Note this is not a complete list of work to be done, but represents issues that impede a developer's ability to use Eclipse 4.0 as an IDE. Put another way, these are issues that hurt our productivity as we use Eclipse 4.0 to develop itself.

Feel free to add to this list, remove things that are fixed, or increase the priority of bugs that are affecting you. Please don't lower priorities set by others.

P1 - blockers that prevent self hosting


P2 - major impediments

  • Keybindings don't work in dialogs bug 308593
  • Outline view stops tracking active editor bug 309213
    • Workaround: Ctrl+O
  • Cannot drag to create new view stacks
  • No contributed menus (Run/Debug menu)
    • Workaround: keybindings such as F11, Alt+Shift+D,E
  • Unable to change key bindings in the Keys preference page
  • Unable to maximize an editor bug 309249
  • Cannot use F5 to 'Step Into' during debugging bug 308667
    • Workaround: Use the tool item in the 'Debug' view. Or use Ctrl+Alt+Click.

P3 - minor impediments

  • Editors not shared across perspectives
  • No perspective switcher
    • Workaround: use Ctrl+F8
  • Closing editors is very slow bug 309161
  • No automatic restart on switch workspace (but it does work if you restart by hand) bug 308692
  • Launch buttons missing in toolbar(wimj)
  • Custominze perspective does not work (wimj)
  • Icons missing and weird toolbar (wimj) E4toolbar.png
  • Progress bar stays filled in the status line (wimj)
  • filter in plugin tree in launch config does not work (wimj)

P4 - minor annoyances

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