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E4/Search Console

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  • How to get search console source code

Web UI -

Clone URI - git://

Under /examples is the source code of a sample search provider.

  • How to install search console -> 0.11 Stream Integration Builds -> Select the latest build you see there.If 404 not found is returned, select next latest build. Click on "online p2 repo link" - that is the update site. When installing from eclipse, deselect "Group items by category". Select "Search Console Master Feature". The master feature includes the framework plus an example search provider, and will soon include the tests and sources.

If you only wish to install the framework, select "Search Console" feature instead.

  • Filing a bug

  • Documentation

Developer guide -

  • What are the version / distribution requirements

None, provided your eclipse is not too old. If you find incompatibilities, file a bug.

  • I wish to contribute

You're welcome! Follow the standard drill. It's easiest to open a bug with a patch, or write directly to

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