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EASE - Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment

What is EASE?

EASE integrates script language interpreters directly into your Eclipse application. It allows to automate common tasks, extend the IDE and to create dedicated dialects of a script language. You can write, execute, debug and integrate scripts in a single Eclipse instance.


  • JavaScript support
  • Jython support
  • UI integration
  • interactive / scripted mode
  • customizable DOMs

Try it

Script developers: If you want to write scripts in either JavaScript or Jython without writing your own DOMs then the nightly update site is the first place to go:

EASE developers / early adopters: Get the sources from our git repository, see

Status / News

Get in touch

The eclipse-scripting-dev mailing list is our primary communication channel.


Focused requirements for the Eclipse Scripting revival project

Use Cases

Very broad collection of scripting cases from the Community


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