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Meeting Title: E4 Resources meeting
Date & Time: Friday Dec 12, 2008 at 1600 UTC / 11am EST / 8am PST
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Canada and US Toll Free: (866) 740-7083
International Dial-in: +1 (702) 696-4217 (more numbers here)
Conference ID: 613 277 0037 #


  • Call is Open, Anybody can join.


Feel free to edit, but not during the meeting

Review of Action Items

  • Last Meeting: E4/Resources/Meeting/28-Nov-2008
    • Serge commit his patches to e4 resources
    • Martin create SearchCVS service for e4 resources
    • John find or file bug for separating resources workspace from Platform.instanceLocation


  • Kevin has hasked Martin whether the two talks on e4 resources can be combined (martin:1hr + serge:0.5hr == combined:1hr)


  • CVS Repo done, status of CBI builds?

Current work items (master bugs)

  • bug 252647 - Master plan item for e4 flexible resources (referenced on e3.5 project plan)
    • bug 252996 - Serge: Resource Tree Filters - ready to commit to e4 for review
    • bug 245412 - Martin: Physically nested projects - many related bugs e.g. James Blackburn bug 253898 LaunchManager
    • bug 233939 - Martin: Alias Management for symlinks - James Blackburn filed bug 253912 common IResource for all aliases
    • bug 229633 - Serge: Linked resources with relative path / variable-based; grouping feature - will start committing soon
    • bug 253705 - Szymon: Support for "branched" file systems (EFS for iSeries) - no coding yet but collected some iFS material
    • bug 255425 - Terry: Support for transactions when modifying ProjectDescription
  • Metadata: Sharing/Linking/Inheritance of project settings? Pluggable Project Persistence? What to do for Build stuff
    • Modeled Preferences
  • Faceted Project Framework - Eric Frey been looking at it, looks very interesting on the surface, would like to see it in CDT
  • Lightweight Resources: Terry Parker (tried TPTP now for profiling, now using JProfiler (slows down by 5-10x) - got pulled off into something else
  • Remote File System: Chris Recoskie (currently releasing PTP/RDT, will jump on e4 later, no news)
    • bug 253777 Support async programming patterns in Core
    • EFS Performance: tons of stat requests, should Resource layer do more caching or will we want a caching EFS implementation such as Hadoop DFS?
  • Workspace Concept Separation
    • John separate workspace from instance area
    • bug 245405 workspace description files for pushing workspace prefs to team members / facilitated on-boarding
    • bug 245399 multi-workspace

It looks like we're building things bottom up.


Action Items

Next Meeting

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