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E4/Resources/Definitions of Terms

In order to be on the same page in E4 Resources development, we need to agree on a common definition of terms.
Feel free to edit, and watch this page for modifications until we can all agree on our definitions.
This page should be kept alphabetically sorted.

Important Ones

A "Folder" in the Resource system, the contents of which is driven by the file system (minus resource filtering).
In Eclipse 3.x, a Project is a non-overlapping portion in the file system, with persisted meta-data that help tooling ("natures") to interpret it and serve some purpose. In E4, we'd like to generalize this to a Resource Set, together with persistable meta-data that help tooling ("natures") to interpret it and serve some purpose.
Resource Filter
A filter being applied before nodes from the file system are actually entered into the Eclipse Resource model (Workspace).
Resource Set
Generalization of current Eclipse UI Working sets: A set of resources (Containers or Files or other Resource Sets) defined by enumeration or filtering patterns.

Simple Ones

A link (redirection) created either by the resource system (linked resource) or by the file system (symbolic link, or other kind of file system based link).
From EFS, a reference to a folder (which can have files as children) or file (which can provide input and output streams) and have some attributes defined by the file system.
An annotation on a resource, consisting of a set of String, int, and boolean attributes. This is used to represent breakpoints, problems, tasks, search results, etc. Often, but not necessarily, a marker is associated with a particular line or region of a text file.
A FileStore plus state information, maintained by the Resource System.

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