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Flexible Resource Model

  • From Architecture Council/Minutes May 15 2008#Workspace, Resources, Content_Types:
    • Project Nesting
      • Physically: Allow .project file below another .project file be separate full-blown projects -- break iterating over outer's children when finding a project
      • Logically: Have nested project inherit Preferences from outer project
    • Namespace Resolution (multiple projects with same name in a workspace)
    • Inclusion of Files from Anywhere on the file system
    • Full Native Support for Symbolic Links (avoiding problems with cyclic symlinks)
    • Add/remove project type/nature
    • Listeners and plug-in Loading
    • Getting rid of Project for RCP (see also e4/RCP Future) -- is the notion of "Project" a plumbing or User Artifact? Where should builders etc be hung off?
    • Content Types:
      • Pattern Matching for content types rather than just file extensions + stream evaluation
      • Case sensitive patterns for content types
      • UI for Project-specific content types