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<td>Anthony Bennis</td>
<td>Play on words: Unite and Night (Eclipse)</td>
<td>Anthony Bennis</td>
<td>Smallest part that combined with others makes a new entity</td>
<td>Anthony Bennis</td>
<td>Eclipse brick</td>

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It's possible that Eclipse RCP may be renamed and rebranded as part of the e4 effort. Comments related to this should be added to bug 277947. This page has been created to display the suggested names in a single place. It can be hard to dig through the Bugzilla comments to find them.

Name Seeds

First here are a list of name "seeds", or concepts that may be used to generate names. It's not a requirement that a name reference one of these concepts, but it would be nice.

  • Modular UI
  • Components
  • UI Framework
  • Kernel (for Eclipse)
  • Organic modularity (bees vs blocks)
  • Flexibility (multiple technologies/multiple deployments)
  • Astronomy/Mythology

Name Suggestions

Here is the list of names suggested so far. They are presented in the order they were suggested.

Name Suggested By Notes
Ikebana Roman Porotnikov Japanese flower arrangment
Supernova gershwinou
Milky gershwinou
Moon gershwinou
Universe gershwinou
Ursa Major gershwinou
Prometheus gershwinou
Chassis Sebastian Fuchs
Skeleton Sebastian Fuchs
Stem Sebastian Fuchs
Selene Guillaume (on blog) Goddess of the moon
Facets Mike Evans
Neo Vincenzo Caselli
AppCore Boris Bokowski
AppBase Boris Bokowski
AppFrame Boris Bokowski
Pillar Boris Bokowski
Truss Boris Bokowski
Beam Boris Bokowski
Rafter Boris Bokowski
Deck Boris Bokowski
EElstic Martin Dilger
Montage Patrick Paulin
Collage Patrick Paulin
Optics (Optix) Patrick Paulin
Horizon Patrick Paulin
Descarte Patrick Paulin Cartesian projection (perspectives), kind of a stretch
Iris Patrick Paulin
Lumen Patrick Paulin Measure of light
Candela (Kandela) Patrick Paulin Measure of light
Quasar Patrick Paulin
Redshift Patrick Paulin
Shoji Patrick Paulin Japanese screen room dividers, kind of like a Japanese "Windows"
Gumbo Patrick Paulin
Tangram Boris Bokowski
Ether Krzysztof Kowalczyk
Aether Krzysztof Kowalczyk
Aurora Fabian Steeg,
Gravity Krzysztof Kowalczyk keep things together ;)
Particle(s) Krzysztof Kowalczyk Building blocks -
Mobi Daniel Modular Built userInterface
Eclipse Platform Francesco Guidieri "Eclipse" should be part of the name (different from "Eclipse IDE")
Eclipse Modulo Vincenzo Caselli
Eclipse Bundle Weaver Vincenzo Caselli
Eclipse Building Bricks Vincenzo Caselli
Jupiter jko
Pericentre Chuck Simpson
Perigee Chuck Simpson
Perihelion Chuck Simpson
Periapsis Chuck Simpson
Penumbra Stephan Zehrer Penumbra is the shadow part of an Eclipse.
Antumbra Stephan Zehrer Antumbra is the center of an Eclipse. So would prefer this over the other suggestion.
Luna Steffi Marx Luna is moon in Latin and is a prerequisite for a Solar Eclipse.
UNight Anthony Bennis Play on words: Unite and Night (Eclipse)
Atom Anthony Bennis Smallest part that combined with others makes a new entity
Eckloo Anthony Bennis Eclipse brick

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