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E4/RAP Integration/Experimental

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Running E4 on RAP

Running the E4 code without touching as web application? Read on :)

Rap e4.png

Set up the target

You need:

  • RAP 1.2 Runtime
  • EMF 2.4.2 Runtime
  • org.eclipse.core.resources
  • org.eclipse.core.filesystem

Get the source

Use the team project set and import the projects. The psf includes

  • RAP runtime bundles from the e4_experimental branch
  • additional RAP bundles for new features (IApplication support, Nebula, ..)
  • original e4 runtime + demos

RAP e4 experimental branch?

It's a branch for the RAP runtime bundle including several experimental features. Some noteworthy (but still highly experimental) features are:

  • SWT resource constructors
  • PaintListener / PaintEvents / GC
  • Gradient support
  • IApplication support

Open issues

This list covers some of the more concrete problems (mostly missing API - see also [E4/RAP_Integration/RWT_misses_SWT-API]).

  • bug 201261 [Display] Listener support on Display (Resize-Listener)
  • bug 228351 Display#disposeExec() missing
  • bug 267068 [ctabfolder] setUnselectedImageVisible is missing
  • bug 277689 IApplication support
  • bug 279498 Make ImageData and related graphics API publically available
  • bug 279640 [CTabFolder] setSelectionBackground(Color[], int[]) is missing
  • bug 279653 [CTabFolder] setSelectionBackground(Image) is missing
  • bug 279655 [CTabFolder] setSimple is missing
  • bug 279688 [Composite] setLayoutDeferred is missing

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