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Project Set Files

You can get the latest versions of the project set files from the appropriate team releng project under 'e4/releng'

  1. Start with Eclipse 4.1 and an empty workspace.
  2. Open the CVS Repositories view (Ctrl+3 CVSR).
  3. Copy the following string
  4. Right-click in the view and select Paste Connection.
  5. (Optional: Adjust user name, password and connection method if you are a committer.)
  6. Expand the repository, then HEAD, e4, releng
  7. Right-click on the appropriate releng project, like 'org.eclipse.e4.ui.releng', and select 'Check Out'.
  8. In the Package Explorer, expand the releng project and select the file PSF file, like 'e4.ui.psf'.
  9. Select 'Import Project Set' from the context menu on the the psf file
  10. A dialog will open asking you to create repository locations. Select each location and click 'Create', providing username 'anonymous' unless you are a committer. Click OK.

Which PSFs Should I Load?


Note that for Modelled UI and the e4 Photo Demo example, you will need to install (Help->Install New Software) "Models and Model Development/EMF SDK - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK version ".

In org.eclipse.e4.ui.releng, you can get the following:

  • CSS
    • For CSS alone, import e4.ui.css.psf.
    • To add CSS examples, also import e4.ui.examples.css.psf
  • Modeled UI
    • For the Modeled UI, import e4.ui.psf
      • Note you also need to install the EMF runtime via Help->Install New Software, "Models and Model Development/EMF SDK - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK version " (that also gives you tooling which is helpful for looking at the models).
    • To add the Photo Demo example without CSS styling, import e4.ui.examples.psf
    • To also see styling in the Photo Demo example, import e4.ui.css.psf
      • You will be prompted to overwrite You can say "no" as it's the same version of the project.
    • For compatibility bridging of the modelled UI to 3.x, import e4.ui.compatibility.psf
  • Tests
    • For UI and CSS jUnit tests, import e4.ui.tests.psf

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