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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20130905


  • Brian
  • Dani
  • Daniel
  • Paul
  • John


  • We are done with Kepler SR1
  • Respin was needed last night due to build problems
  • Revisiting window rendering workflow to simplify it
  • Looking at recent report of performance problem in CTabFolder in app with large number of tabs
  • Touching bundles to fix inner jar signing problems - need to make sure we sign what we used to sign
  • Investigating replacement of SAC CSS parser with different parsers
  • Working on enabling use of some IDE views like navigator in an e4 RCP app
  • Forking JFace
    • Could enable other kinds of investigation
    • Would be hard to co-exist and adopt
    • Not clear if it is needed for generics alone
    • JFace already makes fairly extensive use of collection-based methods alongside array-based methods