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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20130307

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  • Curtis
  • Mike
  • Brian
  • Daniel Rolka
  • Szymon P
  • Bogdan
  • John
  • Paul2


  • Next week is M6. Full day test pass on Tuesday March 12.
  • API Freeze for Kepler next week. Changes after that are possible but need PMC approval
  • We are now all using the CBI builds for all development and testing
  • Paul W still looking to get three fixes in
  • John deleting code - provisional API that never went anywhere and isn't used
  • e4 photo example now working again
  • Eric working on list of services to make API. This will be very small for Kepler.
  • We also need some high level documentation describing how the different bits of API fit together, how to use them from perspective of someone writing a part, etc.
  • Any bundle with real API needs a version number >= 1.0, and at least migrate minor segment from previous release.

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