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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20110825

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  • Brian
  • Eric
  • John
  • Dean
  • Bogdan
  • Remy
  • Andrew


  • Andrew wrote a cherry-pick script to copy changes from R4 to R3
    • It uses a list of bundles to ignore, and commits on all other files are copied
    • Please let Andrew know when you have an R4 change so we can test the script
    • Script runs in root of eclipse.platform.ui repository
  • Branching for 4.1.maintenance turning out to be complicated
    • Should be available tomorrow
  • Enablement of activities/capabilities for 4.x in progress - about 80% working now
  • Wizard bug
  • Added event handlers for saving perspectives
  • Working on reset perspectives
  • Working on CSS editor
  • Fixed bug where inactive views were stealing key bindings