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You will need a 3.5 M4 Eclipse SDK. We recommend starting with this exact build.

  1. Select Help > Install New Software...
  2. Click on the "Add Site..." button and enter the e4 0.9 M1 update site URL:
  3. Depending on which aspects of e4 interest you, check one or more of the following (note that source components only give you source):
    1. e4 Resources: Description of what you will get...
    2. e4 SWT: This will install the ActionScript development environment which is used to generate cross-compiled SWT apps.
    3. e4 UI: This will install the e4 UI runtime components. To be able to run the e4 photo demo (a RCP style application), you should check everything under the "E4 UI" category: Eclipse e4 CSS, Eclipse e4 UI, Eclipse e4 CSS Source, and Eclipse e4 UI Source.
    4. e4 XWT: Description of what you will get...
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review the items to be installed and click Next.
  6. Accept (or not!) the license terms and click Finish.

You will be prompted to restart the Eclipse SDK after the installation. Click Yes to restart.

You are now ready to try out the demos:

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