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Git in e4

We have a place in e4 for git repositories.

Current Repos

A repo then follows our standard subdir convention:

  • bundles
  • features
  • examples
  • tests

We build our git repos still using map files, checked into CVS in the /cvsroot/eclipse e4/releng module.

Submitting for a build

We have 2 scripts used for submitting for the build. One to update the map files, and one to generate the submission report for our mailing list e4-dev@eclipse.org

git-map.sh is used to update the map files.

git-submission.sh is used to generate a build submission report.

Note: We have a policy that all commits have the associated bug number. Usually our format is:

Bug <number> - <bug title>

and then any specific comments after. It's important that we only list 1 bug # per line. A line with "bug #" or "Bug "# without the title is also acceptable.

When ready to submit deeplinking for the build, you have to submit 2 repos, org.eclipse.e4.deeplink and org.eclipse.e4.utils. For each repo:

  1. cd into the repo (make sure it's up to date, you're on the master branch, etc)
  2. tag the repo: git tag v20101022-1030 # we use vDATE-TIME as our tag
  3. make sure you push the tag back to the public repo
  4. $ /bin/bash git-map.sh v20101022-1030 /opt/pwebster/workspaces/e4/releng/org.eclipse.e4.deeplink.releng/maps/deeplink.map bundles
    • you'll have to execute the script for each subdiretory: bundles, examples, features, tests

Repeat the steps for the second repo.

Then when done you can generate your build submission report for the e4-dev list:

$ /bin/bash git-submission.sh >report.txt