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Name of Technology: SWT/XML

Purpose: Lightweight XML markup language for describing Eclipse SWT / RCP user interfaces. It includes an Eclipse Web Tools based IDE editor plug-in.

See Project page Developer guide, markup syntax

Contact: Ralf Ebert web email

Committers: (names of committers, please specify if each is Active or Non-Active) Ralf Ebert, active

Current License: (If not EPL, include ability to re-license under EPL and who holds the license) EPL, minor parts Apache License 2.0

Description: (more lengthy description of what it provides, its pros and cons)

See Developer guide, markup syntax for a full summary. Maybe you can use some language/feature ideas.

It provides a very clean and easy markup syntax for construction of SWT user interfaces using XML markup. The language is directly derived from inspecting the SWT library. An extension to the Web Tools XML editor is provided to provide developers with code completion and instant preview. Parser implementation is as simple as possible, well-tested and stable. Support for own markup extensions is missing at the moment and to be provided in future versions.

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